The Zoomba Group team was recognized for outstanding Custom Publishing design with a Folio: Ozzie Award for its work on Aliworld.

As if being editor in chief of restaurant development + design isn't exciting enough?  

In addition to having Gizmodo out to film the collection, she was also on a podcast discussing it. 

It's a big year for nerdy hobbies. 

The 2017 Azbee Awards were in May and we are proud to share the list of regional and national awards we received. Of note: rd+d was a Top Ten Magazine of the Year! 

For the first Soup Club of 2017, sales rep Nick made zuppa de toscana, which had both bacon and cream, and so it was quite the crowd-pleaser even though the office crowd was small that day. It was delish! Seriously, when is somebody gonna make a terrible soup? It's gonna me, right? I'm going to make the terrible soup! 

Our business development director Dan Hogan has decided to try something new in 2017. He's moving on, and we're going to miss him. In an exceptional gesture of gastronomical kindness, his wife, Puyi, made us some incredible authentic Thai food. 

Real talk? I was so busy eating that I sorta forgot to take pictures. That's a sign of a great lunch, I think. 

Our art director Anne is a good cook. In fact, her cooking is the entire reason I created Soup Club: To get her to make me lunch. Somehow, like Tom Sawyer before me, my laziness snowballed to great effect, and I ended up getting the whole office to make me lunch!