Welcome Kevin Poch, Our New Marketing Manager

Our new Marketing Manager (left) Kevin Poch is certain to have his hands full (we've been handing him stuff to do nonstop for the last 2 weeks)! But he's probably used to that since he's also a new dad to baby Jeremy! 

We're excited to have him on board (and not just because everybody had something they wanted him to do)! Check out his bio on our staff page

Go Inside the First-Ever Foodservice Equipment and Design Thought Leadership Summit

We're so proud to have created and hosted the first-ever Foodservice Equipment and Design Thought Leadership Summit this past week. Thanks so much to everyone who made it possible. We have tons of materials to pull together but for now we hope you enjoy this Storify, which is a round-up of some of the social media we did at the event. 

FE&S and rd+d Score ASBPE National Awards

We recently found out that we garnered two national Azbee awards! 

FE&S brought home a Bronze Award for Amelia Levin's profile on Ken Gill: 

Well done, Amelia!

rd+d brought home a Bronze Award for Front Cover Design for our July/August 2015 cover designed by Art Director Anne Locascio: 

  • Upper Midwest Region - Silver and
    National Award - Bronze   

    Design, Front Cover - Photo
    July/August 2015

Well done, Anne! 

The Art Department Made Lunch (and I Ate It)

Anne LoCascio and Eric Uhl

Our crack production team has many talents, not the least of which is being great cooks! 

Art Director Anne is a great cook and expert gardener and she planted tomatoes outside our offices. They were ripe this week so she planned an amazing lunch for us (and was aided in those efforts by her production assistant Eric --she knows how to maximize labor). They prepared proscuitto-wrapped melon, a green salad, a caprese salad (tomatoes and home-grown basil), and prepared bruschetta in our fancy oven.

It was magically delicious! Thanks so much! 

Sailing Away with Production Assistant Eric Uhl

It's Friday and I just want to live inside this photo.

Production Assistant Eric Uhl has a lot of active hobbies (making the rest of us feel like underachievers), and he recently completed the Chicago Yacht Club's race from Chicago to Mackinac Island, Mich. 

Eric (second from right) and the Measure 4 Measure crew.


The boat, Measure 4 Measure, took third place out of 14 boats in its section and finished the race in 45 hours and 18 mins. Overall they placed 54th out of 325 boats!


In the middle of the lake.
This kid lives a pretty great life, right?

Thanks to Eric for sharing some pics with us!

Meet the New Managing Editor of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

Our summer intern, Hannah Davis, sat down with our newest hire, FE&S Managing Editor Renee Pas. Read on to find out what Hannah learned about Renee.

We are proud to announce our newest hire Renee Pas. Renee has more than 20 years of experience as an editor with more than a decade as a business-to-business editor. Renee brings us the experience, tenacity and dedication we have been looking to bring to our team.

Read more ...

BG's Bridal BBQ

Our iconic flamingo dressed for BG's party; BG opens her embarrassing gift; BG in her office with her faithful companion Dudley; and our staff all standing around, desperately hungry for BBQ.

On Monday afternoon we celebrated the impending marriage of one of our favorite people, BG! BG is getting married on July 22. To celebrate, we threw her a surprise BBQ on Monday. BG has worked at Zoomba Group for three years, and we have been lucky to have her.

Former intern Samantha came in and decorated BG’s office over the weekend and we gave her a present (a gift card wrapped up in Victoria’s Secret packaging just to make sure she was appropriately nervous about opening it in front of the whole office — we’re good people).

Thank you, BG, for everything you do and bringing your your positive attitude and great work ethic to Zoomba Group every day! We wish you the best on your wedding day and into the future!

Zoomba Group Takes Home Eight 2016 Azbee Awards!

Zoomba Group's 2016 Azbee Awards

We were honored to receive five for Foodservice Equipment & Supplies and three for restaurant development + design.

We're proud to announce that Foodservice Equipment & Supplies and restaurant development + design magazines received a total of eight Azbee Awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) Upper Midwest Chapter. We are national finalists in two categories!

Special thanks to our incredible team, including Editorial Director Joe Carbonara, Art Director Anne Locascio, Production Assistant Eric Uhl, rd+d's Senior Contributing Editor Dana Tanyeri and Contributing Editor Amelia Levin. 


Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
restaurant development + design
  • Upper Midwest Region - Silver, National Finalist
    Design, Front Cover - Photo
    July/August 2015
  • Upper Midwest Region - Silver
    Opening Page Spread/Photo 
    Maxmizing Your Footprint
  • Upper Midwest Region - Bronze
    Regular Department

A Publishing Company from the Eyes of an Intern

Check out the first blog post from our new intern Hannah Davis. 

I started working at Zoomba Group two weeks ago. If you are on our site then the odds are you know what we do.

Zoomba Group produces two magazines. They are top-of-the-line and, as a business-to-business publisher, only certain types of companies and job titles qualify for subscriptions.. Once you qualify  you are given the magazine free of charge!  

After a couple weeks working at Zoomba Group, I have really gotten to see what a unique atmosphere it is. Typically, each employee has their door open and is very friendly and helpful. It is never easy being new and the employees at Zoomba Group have made that as painless as possible for me. It is not uncommon for everyone in the company to eat lunch together or even make meals together in the kitchen. One day our Publisher Maureen Slocum made nachos for everyone, and I have heard great things about a Soup Club held during the winter months.

I got my own office, which was pretty cool, (especially considering I work part time at another internship and I didn’t even get my own desk there). Everyone is very nice and keeps me busy with various tasks around the office. After working with Zoomba Group a couple weeks, I must say there is something that really sets it apart from other companies: On Mondays, everyone brings their dogs to work, and if you know one thing about me, it’s that I love dogs! But, in all seriousness, I really do enjoy working for Zoomba Group and cannot wait to see what else this internship has in store for me. I’ll keep you updated!