Maque Choux? More Like Maque DO

After a brief blogging hiatus, we are excited to be back!

Especially since we got to come back to a creamy Maque Choux soup, thanks to our art and production assistant, Eric!

Maque Choux (pronounced “Mock Shoe”) is a traditional dish of Southern Louisiana that is considered a union of Creole and Native American influence.

Eric’s Chicken and Bacon Maque Choux was a spicy, cream based soup, with bacon, (lightly fried) chicken, peppers, celery, onion and corn.

Here is a picture of Eric explaining how to successfully put fried chicken into a creamy bacon soup. Thanks for mutilating our New Years Resolutions, Eric!

Spicy Sausage Stew

As the Illinois winter becomes progressively bleaker, our team is more and more thankful for Soup Club!

Each week we are excused from venturing out into the cold, grey, sleety weather and invited into our own company kitchen for a hot lunch!

Truly. Wednesdays can’t come soon enough.

This week our Marketing Director, Jessica, graced us with a spicy Italian Sausage stew! Thanks, Jessica!

Zoomba Group Annual Meeting

On Monday December 7th, we welcomed our extended team members into the Zoomba Group offices. Our team members traveled from all over the country to attend the annual Zoomba Group meeting.

In the afternoon we got updates on each department's achievements in 2015, and we took the opportunity to celebrate them!

A huge congratulations to our contributing editor Amelia Levin on winning the International Foodservice Editorial Council’s (IFEC) TerrIFECer award, which goes to one rising star each year! Congratulations, Amelia!

And congratulations to our whole team for producing 47.5% more pages of content this year! We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!