Our business development director Dan Hogan has decided to try something new in 2017. He's moving on, and we're going to miss him. In an exceptional gesture of gastronomical kindness, his wife, Puyi, made us some incredible authentic Thai food. 

Real talk? I was so busy eating that I sorta forgot to take pictures. That's a sign of a great lunch, I think. 

I did get two snaps: This incredible appetizer. I have no idea what it is, exactly (some tiny peppers, some onion, some dehydrated shrimp) but it was spectacular!

And this intensely flavorful soup basically makes me want to pack up Soup Club and send it home. It's basically over for me now (even though it technically starts back up in earnest in January). We also had curry that I was far too busy stuffing into my face to pick up my phone. 

We'll miss you, Dan! Thanks so much to Dan for being a great co-worker and friend of everyone at Zoomba Group. And thanks to Puyi for being such a great cook! Because I was so remiss in taking pics at Soup Club, the above is a pic of Puyi, Dan and our own BG (who is going nowhere!) at our holiday dinner earlier this month!