Once a year, we bring our full-time staff together with many of our vendors and freelance writers for a half-day meeting a delicious dinner to celebrate the year. 

We hosted a full house on Dec. 5 at our offices. 

We had a lovely private dinner at Cafe Amano. 

Senior Contributing Editor Dana Tanyeri, Marketing Manager Kevin Pock and his wife Katie, freelance production artist Judy Hall, and Art Director Anne Locascio during the cocktail hour. 

Settling in for dinner: Production Artist Eric Uhl, Contributing Editor Amelia Levin, Sales Associate Nicholas Slocum (with freelance contributor Tom O'Brien sitting farther down) and, in the background, you can catch a glimpse of our Publisher Maureen Slocum and Senior Sales Director Carol McAdam. 

Art Director Anne Locascio, Operations Manager Tracy Mugan, and rd+d Editor Rebecca Kilbreath (that's me). 

Director of Business Development Dan Hogan stands between his wife and Sales Director BG Burg.