Our summer intern, Hannah Davis, sat down with our newest hire, FE&S Managing Editor Renee Pas. Read on to find out what Hannah learned about Renee.

We are proud to announce our newest hire Renee Pas. Renee has more than 20 years of experience as an editor with more than a decade as a business-to-business editor. Renee brings us the experience, tenacity and dedication we have been looking to bring to our team.

It was very fun interviewing Renee and learning about her experiences in the editorial field. She knew she wanted to be an editor early on in college. Renee earned a degree from the University of Madison - Wisconsin and says that she knew from the beginning that she wanted to be involved in writing in some capacity. This passion for writing was largely fueled by her creativity. She specifically remembers her drawing class being her favorite in college because she could express that creativity. Since then she has worked for multiple companies and magazines. For more than a decade she worked for CSP Business Media, now known as Winsight, and as a freelance editor for another decade. Her impressive resume is one of the many reasons we are so excited to have Renee join us at Zoomba Group.

Originally from Green Bay, Wis., Renee now lives in Elmhurst. She has been married for 15 years to Greg Pas and has two children, Ephraim and Margaret, who are eleven and eight years old respectively. She said one of the main things that drew her to working at Zoomba Group was the wonderful culture, the friendly atmosphere, and the natural fit her background in a trade publishing gave her.

She is excited about being part of a growing company and helping us at Zoomba Group achieve all of our goals for the next year.

As an intern, I was tasked with asking her a few important questions that really speak to how well she will fit into the culture of Zoomba Group. She does not have a favorite animal or a pet. However, now that her children are aware of the dog-friendly culture we have here at Zoomba Group, she thinks that she may have to get one. She does not have a favorite food, but she really likes all different types of desserts and pizza! She likes to read and go bike riding in her free time and considers herself a loyal person. She (unfortunately) is a loyal supporter of the Green Bay Packers and her dream vacation involves visiting a beach. I interviewed Renee about the one thing that she feels makes her unique and she spoke to me about how the busier she gets, the more hyper-organized she becomes. Watch for two telltale signs: a zillion post-it notes appearing around her workspace like an overgrown zucchini plant in August and accumulating to-do lists that serve as an attempt to purge onto paper every aspiration for the day/week/year/decade. We look forward to seeing that! Welcome to the team, Renee!

Photo of Renee courtesy of Ginger Malcolm Photography