Our iconic flamingo dressed for BG's party; BG opens her embarrassing gift; BG in her office with her faithful companion Dudley; and our staff all standing around, desperately hungry for BBQ.On Monday afternoon we celebrated the impending marriage of one of our favorite people, BG! BG is getting married on July 22. To celebrate, we threw her a surprise BBQ on Monday. BG has worked at Zoomba Group for three years, and we have been lucky to have her.

Former intern Samantha came in and decorated BG’s office over the weekend and we gave her a present (a gift card wrapped up in Victoria’s Secret packaging just to make sure she was appropriately nervous about opening it in front of the whole office — we’re good people).

Thank you, BG, for everything you do and bringing your your positive attitude and great work ethic to Zoomba Group every day! We wish you the best on your wedding day and into the future!