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Custom eNewsletters

Support and develop your digital presence in the foodservice equipment or restaurant design spaces by taking advantage of the most extensive list of decision-makers. Create and design your own content, or let Zoomba Group help, and we’ll distribute to the audience that you prefer to reach.

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Our Readers Crave Your Content

Subscribers to Zoomba Group publications are most likely to read product benefits articles, case studies, educational stories, trends and best practices pieces.

Source: Source: Readex Research, February 2020


These high-impact ads give you an opportunity to tell your story to our readers. An expert content creator will help you craft a superb article on the types of content our readers are most interested.

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The Power of Print

Print ads allow for an uninterrupted reading experience and lead to a strong emotional response.

Source: Source: National Community Media Alliance

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Full Publication

Elevate your status to the highest level by supplying relevant content to all or a targeted group of subscribers. You’ll be paired with an expert content creator to produce a thought leadership piece that is sure to catch people’s attention.

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